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Lightweight Expedition


1 x Rucksack (approx 30 litre)
1 x Rucksack Liner (or 2 x plastic bags)
1 x Sleeping Mat
1 x Sleeping Bag
1 x Waterproof Bag for storing your Sleeping
1 x Survival Bag
Small quantity of money
1 x Torch hand-held or a Head Torch
1 x Spare Batteries for Torch
1 x Personal First Aid Kit
1 x Watch
1 x Whistle
1 x Maps
1 x Emergency Food Rations
1 x Water Bottle / camel back (2 Litres).
1 x Spare Sweater (woolen or fleece)
1 x Hat (warm depending on time of year)
1 x Pair Gloves (woolen depending on time of year)
1 x Pair Shorts (if appropriate)
1 x Sunhat and or Suncream (if appropriate)
1 x Waterproof Over-trousers


1 x Pair Walking Boots (broken in)
1 x Pair Walking Socks.
2 x Pair Sock Liners- (optional)
1 x Thermal top or T-shirt-
1 x Shirt
1 x Sweater (woolen or fleece)
1 x Walking Trousers (warm, NOT jeans)