Wintercamp - Gilwell 2012

posted 7 Feb 2012, 08:34 by Liz Grover

Pictures from the recent Wintercamp are now on the web. A great camp - very muddy but remarkably warm for January. I don't think I've ever seen so many onesies on show! Themes of the weekend - how great the doughnuts were and how bad the DJ! Looking forward to hearing better music next year. 

Summer Camp

posted 6 Oct 2011, 14:28 by Kinsbourne Explorer Scouts   [ updated 25 Oct 2011, 11:39 by Liz Grover ]

6 - 13 August 2011

A fantastic week on the Isle of Wight with lots of activities from the ones off the ground - High Ropes to Zip wire and those based in the water - kayaking and yachting. The instructors were amazing and the food plentiful - three cooked meals a day and we all were full to the brim. A lovely day at the beach with an award winning crazy golf course! Some of the activities pushed the Explorers to test their own personal limits and it was fantastic to see them conquering their fears. It was so good we are going back next year!


posted 6 Oct 2011, 14:27 by Kinsbourne Explorer Scouts   [ updated 25 Oct 2011, 11:43 by Liz Grover ]

8-10 July 2011

Gilwell 24 was an experience we've never had before - 24 hours of full-on activities, an amazing feat of organisation for the Gilwell staff. We loved the 3G swing and the trapeze. The zorbing at night was dramatic to watch and the Quasar great fun. There was something for everyone, and lovely weather too. We will definately do this one next year. Seeing hundreds of Explorers together is a fantastic sight to see. 

Fundraiser Evenings May 2011

posted 22 May 2011, 13:26 by Kinsbourne Explorer Scouts

Our Explorers were excellent at supporting the Charity Fundraisers for The Samaritans and Cry. Three different nights of challenges for the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts of the District, bases manned by KES. The kids loved the nights and the Explorers were great with the smaller members of the Scouting community.
See the photos in the gallery.
Emma commented "I found the fundraiser fun and exiting because it was obvious the young beavers were having a good time on each base"

Chief Scouts Platinum Award Expedition May 2011

posted 22 May 2011, 13:26 by Kinsbourne Explorer Scouts

Our Explorers did brilliantly on their first expedition with KES. Navigating around Buckinghamshire, carrying heavy bags full of cordon-bleu food and make up (and that was just the boys), they walked all day and arrive at 5ish to pitch camp. They made a fantastic camp – tents pitched, pesto pasta and couscous on the menu and a great campfire courtesy of Will and Mike. No sleep whatsoever and soaking wet clothes, due to the torrential downpour that night, however nothing phased them (even getting lost on the way back from the bathroom in the dark). They were up the next morning ready for the final loop of the hike. Great fun was had by all.
See the photos in the gallery.
Emma sums it up "I found the weekend walking great as it challenged me in many ways especially having to carry all my luggage around with me each day. I enjoyed the walk and working together as a team. Most of all I enjoyed making the close friendship within the group during the weekend"

Monopoly Day April 2011

posted 22 May 2011, 13:24 by Kinsbourne Explorer Scouts

At the same time as the Lochearnhead Camp we took a few of our Explorers to The Monopoly Challenge in London for the day. The aim was to find clues all around London - some tube stops, some famous places and some a little more quirky such as 'Find the morphing men'. The Explorers were armed with a question sheet, a list of places to visit round London and a travelcard. The left the campsite at Bounds Green at about 9:30 and came back tired but smiling at about 6:00.
See the photos in the gallery.
Natasha sums the day up perfectly "It was great fun, running round London trying to find the landmarks and solve the puzzles. If only we hadn’t lost our question and answer sheet we would have done so much better. Oh well, maybe next year."

Lochearnhead April 2011

posted 22 May 2011, 13:22 by Kinsbourne Explorer Scouts   [ updated 22 May 2011, 13:25 ]

April 2011 saw four of our intrepid Explorers attend a week long the Intermediate Mountaineering Course at Lochearnhead run by district. It covered introductory hillwalking for Explorers, Network and Leaders.  With 4 days of walks learning the basics of navigation and route finding before going out on a 3-day wild country camping expedition.
Sarah, Karen, Sammy and Chris said "It was an amazing week. We learnt navigating in the mountains and got to do an expedition with a night wild camping too. Looking forward to going back next year."

Chiltern Challenge 2011 - review

posted 27 Mar 2011, 12:01 by Kinsbourne Explorer Scouts   [ updated 27 Mar 2011, 12:25 ]

The event began at Phasels Wood on a chilly morning in March, the three KES teams raring to go. At registration each team was allocated a 6m by 6m pitch and told to set up their camp with the first points up for grabs for a well set out the camp.

Following the opening ceremony and flag break, the teams received a briefing and the competition began. For the day challenges the teams had to tackle an assault course, complete an orienteering task, and a navigation exercise, plus a series of other 10minute challenges, quizzes and activities.

The evening started with a hot supper followed by another briefing, kit checked, warm clothing on, and off the teams went into the dark. The night exercise was a 22km hike around Hemel and Kings Langley with bases and checkpoints along the course. Points were awarded for successfully completing the challenge at each base and also passing through checkpoints as they travelled. Among the tests were a first aid base, physical challenges, puzzles, a blindfolded challenge, plus the two favourite bases - the karaoke challenge and the XBox Kinect challenge. The night exercise finished at 1.30am, the Explorers tired and a little cold turned in and tried to get some sleep.

On Sunday morning the challenge continued with more points being were given for how well breakfast was cooked. Some of the hardier Explorers did attempt the scrambled eggs, and the points they didn’t get for taste and presentation should have been awarded for bravery.

The challenge finished with the closing ceremony and awards. KES came a very respectable 17th, 24th and 27th (which was great given that it was our first year). This just left striking camp and that was the end of a fantastic weekend.

A big thanks has to go to all the organisers and Team Orange for such a great event.

Introduction Session

posted 3 Jun 2010, 07:15 by Kinsbourne Explorer Scouts

Harpenden’s new Explorer Scout Unit KES (Kinsbourne Explorer Scouts) opened its doors to nearly 40 potential new members at its Welcome Day and barbeque last weekend.  The weather was fantastic allowing everyone to sit outside enjoying the beautiful surroundings of Kinsbourne Common.  Unit leader Nigel Marriott said ‘’we were thrilled with the response we had from the young people and fellow scout leaders who came along to support. The young people really engaged in the activities and games and enjoyed the socialising afterwards. They seem like a great group that will be very exciting to work with. It was a fantastic session which we really enjoyed running ’’. 

The Unit will open on September 10th on a Friday night between 8-10pm.  ‘’Together with Liz and David, my co leaders, we have planned what we hope is an exciting programme of events such as team-building games, social outings, camps, outdoor activities and charity events. Our young people will play an active role in the management of the group, encouragement will be given to develop their leadership and life skills such as working as a team ’’.

Open Session & BBQ

posted 26 Mar 2010, 07:19 by Kinsbourne Explorer Scouts   [ updated 19 Apr 2010, 02:37 by Nigel Marriott ]

We will be holding an open session on the 23rd May at the 9th Harpenden Scout Group HQ at 4pm. This is to give a chance for all those interested in joining KES to meet the leaders, your fellow potential explorers and to ask us any questions you may have.

After the (very brief) formal bit, we'll adjourn outside for burgers from the BBQ.

If you are interested in coming along please drop me an email

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