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Chiltern Challenge 2011 - review

posted 27 Mar 2011, 12:01 by Kinsbourne Explorer Scouts   [ updated 27 Mar 2011, 12:25 ]
The event began at Phasels Wood on a chilly morning in March, the three KES teams raring to go. At registration each team was allocated a 6m by 6m pitch and told to set up their camp with the first points up for grabs for a well set out the camp.

Following the opening ceremony and flag break, the teams received a briefing and the competition began. For the day challenges the teams had to tackle an assault course, complete an orienteering task, and a navigation exercise, plus a series of other 10minute challenges, quizzes and activities.

The evening started with a hot supper followed by another briefing, kit checked, warm clothing on, and off the teams went into the dark. The night exercise was a 22km hike around Hemel and Kings Langley with bases and checkpoints along the course. Points were awarded for successfully completing the challenge at each base and also passing through checkpoints as they travelled. Among the tests were a first aid base, physical challenges, puzzles, a blindfolded challenge, plus the two favourite bases - the karaoke challenge and the XBox Kinect challenge. The night exercise finished at 1.30am, the Explorers tired and a little cold turned in and tried to get some sleep.

On Sunday morning the challenge continued with more points being were given for how well breakfast was cooked. Some of the hardier Explorers did attempt the scrambled eggs, and the points they didn’t get for taste and presentation should have been awarded for bravery.

The challenge finished with the closing ceremony and awards. KES came a very respectable 17th, 24th and 27th (which was great given that it was our first year). This just left striking camp and that was the end of a fantastic weekend.

A big thanks has to go to all the organisers and Team Orange for such a great event.